The founders of the Top of Georgia Hostel and Hiking Center have always loved the area of the North Georgia mountains where the facility is located - but as the sun sets over this beautiful area night after night - the true beauty and history of the area and the stories of it's five founding families (way back in the 1780's - which is very early for the deep south) becomes even more evident. We have made SO MANY friends in the community in only 18 months! Actually, those friendships started over 5 years ago with a wonderful lady at a local real estate office in Hiawassee - whom we refer to as "our angel". Of course that spread to include her cousin (a plumber / "Jack of all Trades") who rescued us (in time to open our doors as founder Bob Gabrielsen had promised), THEN - that spread to the local health inspectors, then on to contractors, sign makers, volunteers .... the list goes on and on. Before we knew it - we had somehow become familiar with MANY of the folks in Hiawassee - and we are proud to call many of them our friends. These friendships quickly grew to include folks in the neighboring towns of Clayton,GA and folks in Hayesville, NC as well !

Almost from the start - we have been trying to return these favor and give back. We have worked with a local church group to help feed the poor in nearby Clay County, N.C., we have been laying the foundations to have one of our "Leave No Trace Master Educators" teach the basics of outdoors ethics to the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of Towns County GA ,we have been leading free family nature walks in the months of June and July, we gave away free accomodations to the "Wounded Warrior Hike" in 2015 and intend to do so in 2016, and we will begin sponsoring scholarships for those in need to attend our Appalachian Trail School soon.

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Top of Georgia Hostel and Hiking Center

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