The "NEW" Face of the Appalachian Trail at TOG


It's July at the Top of Georgia Hostel and Hiking Center - AND IT'S STILL REALLY BUSY ! with increased numbers of hikers (due to annual increases and recent movies) - the scenario of a couple of months of really busy - followed by a "long dry spell" is a scenario that is changing rapidly. The largest number of hikers still come through in March and April each spring (northbound thru-hikers) - but our first northbounders are now arriving in the fall of the previous year to beat the March / April crowds. (Many are starting the first of the year). Southbound thru-hikers are starting in June up north and arriving at the TOG between Halloween and Christmas. "Flip-flop" hikers are starting mid trail and some are opting to arrive here about now. Flip floppers going north first arrive around the holidays as well. Add to this the summer day / section hikers and the leaf peepers in the fall ...... and well .... RESERVATIONS AT THE TOG ARE RECOMMENDED !

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