Who We Are

The Top of Georgia Hiking Center is located on a very beautiful and unique parcel of land completely surrounded by US Forest Service lands and located directly on the main road (US Hwy 76) that intersects with the Appalachian Trail (Dicks Creek Gap) - only a 1/2-mile short walk west of the trail. (northbounders turn left / southbounders turn right).

Our Vision

We are an easy 0.5W road walk from Dicks Creek Gap along the Georgia Appalachian Trail and along US Hwy 76 between Clayton & Hiawassee Georgia. Since this part of the highway is part of the annual "Trans North Georgia" bicycle competition - we appeal to both hikers and bicyclists alike!

When you spend the night here you are immersed in both the beauty of the surrounding National Forest landscape AND in a fun and relaxing atmosphere where experienced hikers serve and educate budding hikers!

We are a group of hikers that hopes that the Appalachian National Scenic Trail remains the beautiful place that it is despite a rapid increase in hiker numbers and usage. We strive to educate and increase awareness about the trail and it's conservation in whatever small ways that we can. We invite anyone on the trail to stop on by and chat over a FREE beverage - whether they spend any money here or not. 

Although we seek to please - we reserve the right to refuse service to any patron for any of our services.