"Sir-Packs-Alot" Update: Gary and Lennie Poteat - WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU !

Published December 4th, 2014 by Unknown


After serving hikers on the Georgia Appalachian Trail near Dicks Creek Gap for 22 years - the "Blueberry Patch" hostel / ministry closed it's doors for the final time in May of 2014 - and is now CLOSED PERMANENTLY.

Gary and Lennie Poteat's Christian Ministry was a "must stay" - a beautiful place run by gentle and humble people.

Some folks have thought that the opening of the Top of Georgia Hiking Center had something to do with their closing. THEY WERE RIGHT - BUT - not in the negative way they assumed. Gary and Lennie had been considering closing for some years - but (according to them) - the opening of the TOG was ACTUALLY an answer to their prayers. With us to take care of hikers in the region now - they were "let off the hook".

The TOG will always be thankful to Gary and Lennie ! We aspire to treat hikers as kindly as they did !

We hope that you two are enjoying your "retirement" from the hostel life - and we hope you never hesitate to come visit us !! THANK YOU for everything that you have done for the trail !

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