Hikers can Send Boxes to us and Ship Boxes to / from our location - whether they are staying with us or not.

Boxes sent here should have the following Printed Clearly & Legibly on the Outside of Their Box:

  • Your name
  • Estimated date of arrival
  • Your on-trail cell phone number

The fee to pick up a box for both guests AND non-guest is $2. The person picking up a box MUST have a photo I.D. that matches the name (and name to their face) that is on the box. We guarantee the whereabouts of your box for 3 Weeks from the time your package arrives here only.

We DO NOT distribute your box to other parties (neither Top of Georgia Hiking Center or persons you wish to donate trail magic to) - that are not marked on the box.  

If a return address is clearly marked on the outside of the box we will MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT to "return to sender". If this is not possible - we will call the on-trail cell phone number on the box and attempt to make new arrangements for your box if necessary.

Shipping Address Information


7675 US Hwy 76 E
Hiawasee, GA 30546


7675 Rose Haven
Hiawassee, GA 30546