Hikers can Send Boxes to us and Ship Boxes to / from our location - whether they are staying with us or not.

Boxes sent here should have the following Printed Clearly & Legibly on the Outside of Their Box:

  • Your name
  • Estimated date of arrival
  • Your on-trail cell phone number

The fee to pick up a box for both guests AND non-guest is $2. The person picking up a box MUST have a photo I.D. that matches the name (and name to their face) that is on the box. We guarantee the whereabouts of your box for 3 Weeks from the time your package arrives here only.

If a return address is clearly marked on the outside of the box we will MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT to "return to sender". If this is not possible - we will call the on-trail cell phone number on the box and attempt to make new arrangements for your box if necessary.

Shipping Address Information


7675 US Hwy 76 E
Hiawasee, GA 30546


7675 Rose Haven
Hiawassee, GA 30546