We Offer Full-Service Shuttling

  • Free Shuttles: To & From Top of Georgia to / from both Unicoi Gap (Northbound AT mile 52.6 - Feb. 1 to June 1 annually - call ahead or from Unicoi to schedule a paid shuttle June 2 to Jan. 31). Year round free shuttles from Dicks Creek Gap (Northbound AT mile 69.0) for our paid reserved guests.  Pickups are "On-Demand" (you call us for pick-up from the gap). Earliest pick-ups at 8:30am & latest at 6pm. Return Trips leave Top of Georgia at 8am and 9am daily for Dicks Creek Gap and 8am to Unicoi.
  • Free Shuttle: Free Shuttle: To / From the town of Hiawassee, GA - DAILY for our paid guests (the day that you check in).  This "town shuttle" leaves Top of Georgia at 4pm daily and picks-up in town (and returns to Top of Georgia) daily at 6:20 at a designated spot in the middle of Hiawassee.

    * NOTE: An additional 1pm shuttle run is added to the schedule March 1 to May 1 annually.
  • Shuttles for a Fee: for BOTH guests and non-guests -  ranging as far south as the MARTA "North Springs" Station tram (that goes to/from Atlanta Airport) - to as far north as the Nantahala Outdoors Center. 

Note: Top of Georgia Hiking Center is only a 1/2 mile easy, downhill road walk west from where the Appalachian trail intersects U.S. Hwy 76 (Dicks Creek Gap).  A large clearly marked road sign points in our direction. The walk takes about 10 minutes and you go straight up our driveway / no side street.

But - if you'd like a shuttle - please stop hiking when you first hear traffic and try to call us before you reach Dicks Creek Gap. (Most cellphone services do not have reception from Dicks Creek Gap.)

Terms and Conditions

  • ** Paid Shuttles: Please be on time. (Please allow for: 1. Time Zone Changes … as in traveling from Alabama – and - Daylight Saving Time beginning and end. 2. Atlanta traffic is officially the worst in the country. If you are traveling from / through Atlanta to arrive here between the hours of 2:30pm and 7pm – please allow for extra time). Also - We suggest that you arrive for your shuttle pickup 15 minutes in advance.
  • Your shuttle driver will wait for 15 MINUTES ONLY AT THE PICKUP LOCATION after the scheduled pickup time.
  • After 15 minutes the driver will leave. Please be aware that once the driver has left - you will be charged a second full fee if you call for a second / later pickup. Cancellations made 8 days or more - prior to arrival - are entitled to a FULL REFUND. Cancellations made 7 days prior to your shuttle date are entitled to a 50% refund. Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to arrival are non-refundable, non-transferable, and have no credit value. A date change to a shuttle reservation is treated as a cancellation and rebooking. Credit for the re-booking will be given in the same terms as the refund stated above. Date changes made within 7 days of your shuttle will not have a credit applied to the new booking. Prices on unconfirmed reservations are subject to change at any time without notice. We recommend that you plan ahead (as much as you can) for unforeseen circumstances that could necessitate partial or full cancellation of your reservation. Shuttles proceed rain / shine / snow / ice as long as TOG vehicles can safely drive the route (to be determined by the driver).  (TOG SHUTTLES ARE DEPENDENT UPON ROADS BEING SAFE FOR THE VANS TO DRIVE ON - at driver's discretion).
  • If the drive to your location is deemed dangerous a) your driver will get you as close to your location as possible - or - b) suggest an alternative location - or - c) return you to your pickup spot at no additional charge – but there are no credits or refunds issued. Although we strive to make helpful suggestions and educate the public as to current trail and weather conditions as much as possible, this is YOUR HIKE :).
  • Top of Georgia Hostel and Hiking Center, it's employees, volunteers and your driver- ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ITINERARY OR YOUR CALCULATIONS (OR MISCALCULATIONS) THEREIN. WE AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE ONLY TO SHUTTLE YOU TO / FROM THE LOCATION(S) AGREED TO -  AT THE DATES AND TIMES AGREED TO (according to map positions in the "2018 AT Guide"). Nothing is being said or implied about where you believe these places to be, mileage, and / or your ability to hike your itinerary. You will not be assigned any particular TOG shuttle driver. TOG does not work in conjunction with Independent shuttle drivers. TOG is NOT responsible for any arrangements or itinerary you may have with independent drivers not with TOG – nor any monies changing hands with them.